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Wage Garnishments: Locating Employers of Utah Debtors

Joseph G. Ballstaedt801.365.1021joe@snjlegal.com Congratulations! You prevailed in a legal lawsuit! A judge awarded you a money judgment against an individual in Utah. This is good news, but if you stop here, the judgment is nothing …

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Do Freight Brokers Have to Pay Workers’ Compensation to Non-Employees?

Freight brokers, like any other employer, are generally only liable for their own employees for workers’ compensation purposes. However, what if a freight broker contracts with a motor carrier to transport goods, the motor carrier …

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At-Will Employment Guide: The Benefits and Pitfalls of the At-Will Employment System

In an effort to provide employees greater job protection, legislatures and courts across the country have slowly enacted a number of exceptions and restrictions to the traditional at-will employment system used by most employers. The …

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Utah’s Game-changing Non-compete Law

Starting May 10, 2016, Utah non-compete agreements can only restrict employment for one year. Employers frequently use non-compete agreements to limit where and when employees can go to work for a competitor. Previously, those limits …

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Utah Private Employers Must Use E-Verify

Utah law requires all private employers that employ 15 or more employees to use E-Verify or some other verification system to verify the employment status of new employees. A private employer is “a person who …

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Employment Law: An Overview

Recruiting and Hiring ProceduresFor many employers the primary objective in the recruiting and hiring process is to generate a pool of qualified candidates from which the employer can then identify and hire the most qualified …

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