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How to Start an LLC in Utah

You have a great business idea, you have a business plan, now you need to form the entity to start conducting business. After reviewing the options, you have decided a limited liability company (LLC) is the best choice for you. Making the choice to create …

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Unconscionable and Unenforceable Contracts in Utah

Joseph G. Almost every contract in Utah is enforceable, but a contract or agreement that is unconscionable is unenforceable. The contract defense of unconscionability prevents oppression and unfair surprise. This article discusses the difficult task of overcoming the general presumption that contracts are enforceable, …

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Adult Adoption In Utah

There are many reasons why an adult would want to be adopted by another adult. The parties may want legal recognition of an existing parent-child relationship which for one reason or another could not be formalized while the adoptee was still a minor. Some may …

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