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Deadline to Record Construction Lien in Utah

By Chase B. Ames 801.365.1022    Utah contractors have a limited time to file a valid construction lien. Determining whether a lien is timely depends on the circumstances of each project. Contractors should be aware of important dates and project milestones to best protect …

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The Value of Your Unpaid Wages Claim

By Benton M. Eskelsen 801-365-1029 An unfortunate reality of an employee’s life is that employers often fail to pay employees earned wages. Employees often don’t understand the full amount their employers owe. This uncertainty discourages employees from pursuing unpaid wage claims. Employees mistakenly believe these claims are not worth …

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Precautionary Measures for Companies who Issue Stock to Employees

By Benjamin Jensen(801)   Utah companies can encounter shareholder disputes when they issue stock to an employee in exchange for services that are never performed or only partially performed. If the company issued the shares to the employee before the services were performed, the company will have little …

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